Programmer, Important In Various Industries

The programmer is a professional personnel who is engaged in program development and program maintenance. Generally, programmers are divided into two types programmers and programming coders, but the boundaries between these two types are not quite clear, especially in Asia Countries such as China, India, Korean and so on. At the present software practitioners are divided into junior programmers, intermediate programmers, senior programmers (now software designers), system analysts, system architects, and test engineers. Actually these programmers are not only in Technology industry, but they also are important for sorts of industries because the most of industries adopt advanced technology to manage the companies and factories for producing and marketing plan. Certainly, as a lot of popular online trade platform, they also are important to depend on programmers such as sinosources, famous oversea B2B trade platform in China. Since the programmer as importance in various industries, let us have a look about their job content and related information below,


Categories of Job Position

The first programmer in the world is the daughter of the famous British poet Byron, named Ida Levres. A program for solving the Bernoulli equation on the Babbage analyzer was designed by her, and even built the concept of loops and subroutines. Because of her groundbreaking work in programming, Ida Levres is well known as the world’s first programmer. The ADA language developed by the US Department of Defense is named to commemorate the world’s first programmer.


The development of computer science till today (early 21st century), the programmers’ job have been engaged by a lot of people, meanwhile the division of labor is also not the same, so the programmers’ job position can be divided into the following categories from the big aspects: ASP programmers, Web front-end development programmers, Delphi programmers, PHP programmer, Power-Builder programmer, C programmer, LINUX programmer, Net programmer, VB programmer, JAVA programmer, JavaScript programmer, C++ programmer, Python programmer, ABAP programmer, android operation system and IOS operation system programmer.


Programmer Career Requirement

Normally the average programmer has four years of study in the professional field and needs a bachelor’s degree in the field of programming, both in mathematics and engineering. Approximately 20% have a higher degree in computer science and engineering in this domain. There are still a small number of programmers who are self-learn. Although some professional schools or comprehensive universities can provide professional programmers, they also need some other ways to provide relevant talents in this field.


Although academic qualifications are important, companies often focus on the candidate’s work experience. Many college graduates who have just graduated from college have an attractive degree certificate, but they can’t find a job because they lack experience. Although a programmer does not have a formal education, if a person has a deep knowledge background or rich work experience in programming, then his chances are much larger than those of graduates with academic qualifications. So trying to grab useful work and internship opportunities is very important, so that after graduation you will find that more internships will give you more experience and more opportunities when you are looking for a job.