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3d Laser Cutting Machine

With this hanging on your wall, you can keep NYC in your heart even if you don’t call the Big Apple home. Do you make clocks, coasters, art, jewelry, electronics cases, wedding decorations, bookmarks or signs? Then take a look at these laser cut ideas and get inspired to create your own designs.

But not everyone is willing to drop around $10,000 for a top-of-the-line device. Check that you actually have room in your home for a laser cutter; not only do you need to make space for it, you’ll also have to think about ventilation. And depending on what you want to make with it, you’ll also have to pay attention to the size of the cutting plate; you don’t want to end up with something that’s too small to work with. More parts per sheet of material due to the Laser beam’s small cutting diameter . For some selected materials like wood, glass, and cardboard, manual engraving is also an option. However, the level of accuracy is wanting, and the amount of work to be done is a little exhausting.

Our machines use a predominantly-CO2 gas mixture and electricity to produce a powerful laser beam that can cut through most materials. The laser (whose illumination is the result of “excited” nitrogen gas) passes through a tube surrounded by tiny mirrors, which are then responsible for bending the laser towards the correct direction. CNC technology allows users to program the path of the laser according to a specific and often personalized design. With a wide array of high-quality CO2 laser machines, AP Lazer delivers on its commitment to top-notch service in the industry. Our machines use CNC-controlled, precision-focused laser beams to cut or etch designs on metals, wood, and other materials. An open-architecture with a removable top gives you the opportunity to add priceless personalization to large weighty materials that would not fit in a conventional ‘boxed-in’ laser system.

2kw laser

World renowned designer Sarah Angold combines her passion for sleek avant-garde styling with the visible structural engineering behind her intricate pieces. This signature aesthetic is seen in her collections that routinely collide hyper-modern industrial processes with meticulous hand assembly and artisanal craftsmanship, such as the stunning Kingla Necklace. Etsy seller ShopJoyo works at the intersection of art and technology to create clean, modern pieces that integrate graphic design with architectural influence. These drop earring take a simple rectangle shape and then brings it to life with a hand painted teal and gold geometric design. Born from a love of nature and pattern, Etsy seller adaandcedar puts an interesting twist on this moon-shaped tribal wood necklace by hand painting a peach color accent. The “Ethnotize” collection by Rename is a modern interpretation of traditional ethno symbols.

With flame cutting, the material’s ignition temperature must be below the melting point. With high-alloyed steels and nonferrous metals, flame-cutting with oxygen is feasible but, for qualitative and economic reasons, it is not ideal. Typical materials used in flame cutting, or oxygen cutting / Oxyfuel, are low-alloy steel, also referred to as mild steel stainless or aluminum, and cast irons. During the sublimation cutting process, the material changes directly from the solid to the gaseous state with as little melting as possible.

It makes it seriously easy to input your designs, and it’s intuitive to boot! This made the whole process of learning a new system quite fun actually. Too often you can get sidetracked by annoying or confusing software suites. That wasn’t the case here so I’d highly recommend it in this respect. Marble is a tricky material to work with because of how hard it is. It’s also prone to nasty inclusions of crystals which suddenly change its density.