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Global Massage Guns Market By End Users; By Region

But with the abundance of options, it can be hard to determine the best massage guns for you. This is the best massage gun for serious aches and pains, with five different speeds and five different massage heads so you can find the right combination for you. The Fusion FX reaches deeper and goes harder into your sore spots than similar units at its price point, to help relieve tension more effectively. Similar to foam rollers, the handheld massagers are meant to release tight muscles. The quicker your muscles are loosened, the less sore you feel and the quicker you recover before your next workout.

You can, therefore, select the appropriate massage speed for every body part. Operating at variable speeds up to 3200 r per minute, the massage gun is a perfect buy that suits all your massage demands. You can, therefore, adjust the speed to suit every point you need to massage. Apart from this, the massage gun comes with a powerful brushless motor for great torque and speed.

I find myself gravitating towards it after waking up with shoulder pain and a headache. Like Theragun, Hyperice dabbles in the miniature massage gun category. The prices may be the same—a really very accessible $199—but this is where differing design philosophies take hold. The Hypervolt Go’s traditional handle may fit your needs better, depending on hand size and other comfort issues. It’s an easy one to embed into your personal wellness routine, which, as with anything regarding your body, is of the utmost importance.

Do not replace our advice for a registered health professional or therapist’s advice. It’s best to consult with your healthcare professional for serious inquiries. Try all products with a peace of mind with our 60-day return policy.

The Healsage Mini Massage Gun has a battery life of 10 hours on a full charge. This is even more impressive compared to the bigger guns because it can last you for a full week. It has a rechargeable battery so that you can easily charge it using the USB cable that comes with the package. The S1 is built to stay securely on target despite the continuous vibrations. It has 3 rotating angles for a 360-degree relief and up to 3 speed adjustments, depending on the depth of the massage required.

TimTam’s massage gun is one of the the cheapest out of the well known massage gun brands, but it shows in the level of quality. If you want something convenient, small and simple to use the addsfit mini massage gun is your best bet. The addsfit mini massage gun is more on the economic side but packs lots of value. It’s great for penetrating larger, stronger muscles in athletes, as well as for working out extra tight knots in any person.

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This massage gun comes with a whopping 15 different massage heads and two different massage balls for all of your trigger point therapy and deep tissue needs. The 15 head attachments are tools for massaging every muscle in your body, promoting circulation and helping to accelerate both warm-up and recovery. Treat yourself to some deep tissue release and trigger point therapy with one of the best massage guns out there. We can all benefit from massage therapy from time to time, especially when we lead particularly active or athletic lifestyles. These massage guns have been tried and tested by all kinds of people, from professional athletes, to physical therapists, to active families, and everyone in between.

There’s one button on the whole device that turns it on and off, and switches between the intensity levels. It’s also heavy enough to feel substantial in your hand but doesn’t become laborious to hold like other, bigger, massage guns can. When I first unboxed it, it looked small, but once I started using it I started to prefer it over the larger massage guns. It fits right in the palm of your hand which makes it super easy to handle and maneuver when trying to reach a specific spot. It’s also easier to give yourself a massage on your back and neck because it’s smaller and easier to hold. My boyfriend and I tried out the mini massage gun alongside other, full-sized massage guns as part of a multi-product trial.

This device features five levels of intensity and comes with six interchangeable massage heads to target everything from achy joints to painful knots and even a tight back. Most cheap massage guns tend to have harder attachment heads or shorter battery life or length of product-life. You’ll get more versatility from a massage gun that comes with interchangeable massage heads or attachments. That way you can target different muscles and adjust the amount of pressure based on the head or attachment you use. For most users, the more massage heads included with the gun the better. Massage guns have become a popular way to treat sore muscles at home.